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Contemporary Fine Art / Folk Art / Photography / Upcycled & Restored Furnishings/ Antiquities / Horticulture / Home Goods / landscape Gardening & Floral


The following pages are dedicated to Carrie's contemporary, fine, folk, plastic & upcycled arts outside of her career in the theatre. Carrie taught high school fine art classes as a permanent substitute teacher at Fordham High School for the Arts in the Bronx, NYC. Her photography for PR & Marketing has been published in The New York Times (NY, NY),  The Montclair Times  (Montclair, NJ) & in The Star Ledger, (Pine Brook, NJ) as well as for corporate restaurants in social-media adverts. Carrie also has experience in assisting floral, garden/landscape designers in process, maintenance & product.  Early influences include  sculpture (metal, stone & natural material), interior design & architecture, photography, graphic design, artisan & fine jewelry, horticulture, installation art.

Carrie has sold and gifted several pieces of upcycled furnishings & home décor including  florals, garden & landscaping merchandise, organic potpourri & antiquities, as well as artisan jewelry & folk art.  

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