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Luna Stage Company

Production Manager & Lighting Designer 

I was on staff at Luna from 2005-2008. All the shows featured below are during my tenure as production manager. I worked alongside with the crews I hired installing electrics, rigging, building and painting the shows. 
I also worked closely with the artistic director & managing director particularly on budgeting for the season and managing the production budget for each show/event. In addition I also did the lighting design for the following productions featured below; The Normals, The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit , Nocturne, The New Moon Director's Lab, Sesame Workshop Fundraiser: Luna Stage Welcomes Elmo & Gordon

featured The New Moon Director's Lab at Luna Stage in an article titled A Guide to Director Training Programs
January 26-February  1
directors lab backstage.JPG

Know Dog

The New Moon Director's Lab- Repertory One Acts / Lighitng Designer & Production Manager 

Production Photos
know dog dir lab.jpg

The Picasso Project

The New Moon Director's Lab- Repertory One Acts / Lighting Designer & Production Manager

Production Photos
pic proj 2 dir lab.jpg
pic prj 3 dir lab.jpg
directors lab picasso proj.jpg


Nocturne was produced twice at Luna Stage, first as a part of the The New Moon Director's Lab and then as a fully realized production & billed as a part of the main-stage season. Nocturne was nominated for Best Lighting Design of a Play by the New Jersey Star Ledger theatre awards.

Lighting Designer & Production Manager


Production Photos
Carrie's Nocturne photos etc 041.jpg
Carrie's Nocturne photos etc 016.jpg
Carrie's Nocturne photos etc 022.jpg
Carrie's Nocturne photos etc 018.jpg
Carrie's Nocturne photos etc 013.jpg

Luna Stage 
Production Manager 
Additionally Lighting Designer - The Normals / Stepin Fetchit / Sesame Workshop

Press Photos / Production Photos
Luna Stage

The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit 2006

Luna Stage

Death of a Salesman 2007

Luna Stage

The Kreutzer Sonata 2006

Luna Stage

The Whipping Man 2006

Luna Stage

The Man In Room 306 2008

Luna Stage

Little Beasts 2008

Luna Stage

The Confessions of Stepin Fetchit 2006

Luna Stage

The Normals 2007

Luna stage

Honor & the River 2007

Luna Stage

Sesame Workshop Fundraiser

Luna Stage

Robeson in Space 2005

Luna Stage

Robeson In Space / NYT 2005 original photograph published in Times article / Rehearsal Photo

New York Times

Robeson in Space 2005 The New York Times Press Release

Review: The Montclair Times

Robeson in Space 2005 The Montclair Times Review

Review: NJ Star Ledger

Robeson in Space 2005 The NJ Star Ledger Review

ALD / Lighting Design

The Montclair Art Museum

I was the assistant to the lighting designer to Steve Rust from 2004-2007 for the annual Art in Bloom Luncheon & black tie gala fundraiser & the event lighting designer in the subsequent years until 2011. Events included: All That Jazz, An Evening In Paris, The Andy Warhol Factory Party, Jazz for Art Sake starring multi-Grammy Award Winner Christian McBride, An Affair to Remember starring Bebe Neuwirth, The Black & White Gala and more. I did the circuiting layout, power distribution, cable runs, order for the additional rental equipment and perishables, scissor lift rental, hired crew, scheduled  & ran calls each year. 

Assistant Lighting Designer / Event Photos: An Evening in Paris
mam string lights 2.jpg
mam string lights 5.jpg
MAM string lights.jpg
Assistant Lighting Designer / Event Photo: The Black & White Gala
Additionally I was charged with scenic lanterns placement and rigging, and my crew & I  did the labor. 
Screenshot (61).png
Screenshot (59).png
Screenshot (62).png
Lighting Rig Front Boom 
mam 2004 all that jazz.jpg
mam 2004.jpg
Lighting Rig Back Boom
mam 2010.jpg
2021_05_13 1_47 PM Office Lens.jpg

Danmari Ltd. presents 
Yass Hakoshima Movement Theatre

In the video below you can see my lighting design work with Yass as he was filmed before a live audience for NJN State of the Arts at The Westminster Arts Center on the Campus of Bloomfield College. I have also designed for Yass at the The Ailey Citigroup Theatre in NYC, Annually for First Night Montclair at The Montclair Art Museum & at Sussex County Community College

Lighting Designer

Yass Hakoshima, an internationally renowned mime, began his career with the Yokoyama Ballet troupe in Japan. In the U.S., he studied modern dance with Erick Hawkins and mime with Etienne Decroux. Hakoshima and his wife and partner Renate Boue created the Yass Hakoshima Mime Theatre in Montclair, NJ in 1976. Included is a recent performance featuring live music by the Claring Chamber players.

Aired: 02/15/12

Rating: NR

Screenshot (58).png
2021_05_13 5_54 PM Office Lens (1).jpg
2021_05_13 5_56 PM Office Lens (1).jpg
Yass Hakoshima aileycitigroup Mobile
2021_05_13 5_56 PM Office Lens.jpg

Vital Theatre
New York, New York

Idiot's Delight Winner of the off off broadway review award (oobr) for Best Lighting Design
Shakin' the Mess Outa Misery Nominated for the NYC Innovative Theatre Award in Lighting Design
Cocus & Doot  and Shakin' the Mess Outa Misery were on a repertory lighting plot & stage.

 Lighting Designer

shakin playbill.JPG

Cocus & Doot

Pre-show Preset
Screenshot (55).png
Production Photo
Screenshot (56).png

New York City Off & Off Off Broadway Lighting Design

12 Miles West Theatre Company
Lighting Design & Scenic Design

The Pittsburgh Playhouse

Lighting Designer

The Sea

Production Photos
the sea ppu 2016 2.png
the sea ppu 2016 3.png
Pre-show Preset
the sea.webp

Lighting Design & Production Management Gallery

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