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Unpublished Photography

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Published Photography

The New York Times

Luna Stage / Robeson In Space /  Rehearsal Photograph
Featured in The New York Times on September 11, 2005 in an article titled Fall Theatre Preview; Get Yer Shakespeare Here, and Some Modern Plays, Too

little beasts.JPG

The Montclair Times
Luna Stage / Little Beasts /  Writer's Meeting
Featured in The Montclair Times in an article title Luna Stage launches 2006-2007 theater season

The Montclair Times
 The Star Ledger

Running Rabbit Family Theatre / Treasure Island
The Montclair Times- Cover Arts Section- November 29, 2007 
American Sign Language adds new dimension to "Treasure Island" - Original Photo Uncropped- Included "Capt. Smollett"
The Star Ledger- Review- Skill and crossbones - December 6, 2007

Rehearsal Photograph / Featured by both newspapers with different staff photographers given credit. I retain ownership of the photograph. I took this photograph post rehearsal at the producers request. When PR was distributed by the producers, they did not attach proper credit and staff photographers were credited by default. 

© Caroline  Yacono, 2007

Photography for Corporate PR & Marketing

Featured below is a sample of they type of photography I did as an assistant general manager for corporate restaurants. These types of photographs were taken and published daily during shifts to advertise specials and for weekly & monthly advertising for planned PR of events. As a staff member I produced photographs for regular advertisements that were published in subscribers weekly / monthly emails through the corporate mail-chimp account and on the official company social media pages on platforms including Instagram, Facebook & Twitter. Margaritas Photograph was specifically produced for Redbeard's Sports Bar & Grill in Mount Washington (Pittsburgh, PA),  Fourth of July celebration in the  summer of 2015. Please see corporate page for further samples of PR & Marketing experience. 

© Caroline  Yacono, 2015


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