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Gas Lamp Inc.

Gas Lamp Junior debuted in the summer of 2007. We produced full musicals with children in grades K-8 and hired students grades 9-12 + university level as camp counselors and production / run crew. As the program developed over the years, opportunities for our older students developed in design, stage management and stage craft. Gas Lamp also employed
a full teaching staff alongside the production staff each summer, thus further developing Gas Lamp Academy of Performing Arts (GLAPA). 

You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown!

Director & Scenic Designer / Artist
Production Photo
charlie brown snoop woodstock used.jpg
Montclair Times
charlie brown sidney emma press
Press Photo / Release
glen ridge voice charlie brown release crop 2.jpg

Alice In Wonderland

Director & Scenic Designer / Artist
samy gracie alice hatter photo.jpg
Press Photo
alice logo.jpg
Production Logo
alice in wonderland glp.png
Cast Photo
V-Capture Production Photography
Rehearsal & Production Process
Alice In Wonderland Jr

Set Design & Charge Scenic Artist

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Rehearsal Photo

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Scenic Design / Charge Scenic Artist & Technical Director

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Production Notes w/ Run Crew

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Cheshire Cat Puppet Construction

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Cheshire Cat Puppet Construction / Props

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Cheshire Cat's Tree / Scenic Designer / Tree Sculpture / Set Piece

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Cheshire Cat Puppet Construction / Electrics Install / Props

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Cheshire Cat Puppet Construction / Props

Alice In Wonderland Jr

Scenic Design / Charge Scenic Artist & Technical Director

ledger nj gas lamp seuss.jpg

Seussical Jr.

Director & Scenic Designer / Artist
I directed Seussical Jr three times in a single year. The first production was with Gas Lamp & had a unit set. (Left) NJ Star Ledger

Pushcart Players

Pushcart Players is a TYA Equity contract traveling children's troupe as well as a producing theatre for venues with youth clientele. I worked at two venues with Pushcart; The Metropolitan YMCA of The Oranges, Rosen PAC (formerly the YMHA of North Jersey) grades 1-8 and St. Rose of Lima a private middle school in Short Hills, NJ, grades 7 & 8. We produced full musical productions at both venues. Each facility was fundamentally different in set up and staffing. Rosen PAC had small but efficient professional staff who could assist with production and design while at St. Rose I had a small crew of parent volunteers and a handful of students for production support.

Seussical Jr.

Director & Scenic Designer / Artist
seuss st rose whoville.jpg
Production Photo, St. Rose of Lima
Seuss jr ymha.jpg
set photo ymha seuss.png
Production Preset, Rosen PAC

PR & Press / Logo , Rosen PAC

suess ymha rehearsal photo.jpg
Rehearsal Photo, Rosen PAC


Production Photo, Rosen PAC
aladin and jasmine.JPG

Montclair Township: Department of Recreational & Cultural Affairs

The Montclair Haunted House Spooktacular Extravaganza 

Director / Production Designer excluding sound provided by Sound Associates Inc.

Montclair Spooktacular was a haunted house I was commissioned by the township to develop, direct and design. The house was designed &  intended as an event for the children of Montclair and neighboring communities. Financial & material contributions and donations were made by  individual community members  and by local businesses.  Special Thank you to Joe Santorelli Wardrobe Flats & Production Trucks, Sound Associates, 4-Wall Entertainment, Applegate Farms, Montclair Township staff, the cast & production/run-crew who turned the Edgemont Fieldhouse & Park into Spooktacular Extravaganza that over 800 children and their families attended. 

Scenes / Field House Interior: Entrance Doorway Right / Dr. Frankenstein & The Monster / Dungeon of Creatures / Vampires' Master Bedroom / Fortune Teller of Treasures / Ghouls in the  Graveyard / Hallway of Jack-O-Lanterns /  Field House Exterior: Exit Door Left / Corn Stalk Pathway / Witch & Monkey Minion Cauldron in Pumpkin Giveaway Patch / Hanging Skeletons is the Line-up to Horse Drawn Carriage Hayrides Around the Pond at Edgemont Park 

Black Light -Bat Cave Props
Vampire Scene
Costume Fitting & Coffin Rehearsal
Black Light- Ghoul Dressing
Witches Scene / Pumpkin Giveaway Donation from Applegate Farm
Hall of Jack-O-Lanterns (carved and lit pumpkins also lined both sides of the corridor)
Pumpkins Donation- Applegate Farm
Fortune Teller Scene- Props & Dressing
Dr. Frankenstein's Creature Dungeon -The Twins / Rehearsal & Costume Fittings 
Production / Rehearsal / Costume Fitting Process
Fortune Teller Treasure Dressing & Props
Vampire Witch Set Dressing- Interior
Monkey Minion w/ Witch at Witch's Cauldron and Pumpkin Giveaway / Rehearsal & Costume Fitting
Hanging Skeletons- Line-up for Horse & Carriage Drawn Hayride Around the Pond at Edgemont Park
Mummy  & Gravestone Set Dressing Ghouls in the Graveyard Scene
The Director & Creator at Rehearsal
The Man In The Window  made it's world premiere at the Roy Arias Studios in NYC in The Mid-Winter One Act Play Festival.  Later that year the show toured to western Pennsylvania  where it played at the Saxonburg Festival of the Arts.  John Roebling founded Saxonburg in 1832 where he invented the steel cable that suspends the Brooklyn Bridge.

Orwald Arts Initiative

The Man In the Window: The Building of the Brooklyn Bridge

Production Poster
bridge play logo.png

Press Release

eagle pr man in the window 2.jpg

Running Rabbit Family Theatre

RRFT was a TYA Equity contract touring children's company with former residence at Luna Stage. Pinocchio played at the Westminster Arts Center on the campus of Bloomfield College, The Pollak Theatre at Monmouth University and at Premiere Stages at Kean University.
Production Photo



Production Flyer
rrft pinoch flyer.png
pinocch and gapetto.JPG
rrft pinoch flyer.png

Director & Scenic Design / Producer Gallery

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